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Our mission is to collaboratively shape a healthier and more prosperous Globalised PHYgital Entrepreneurial Landscape for ethical workers, investors and consumers.

Welcome to a guide designed to empower World Impacteurs to network and market solutions, products and services encompassing commercial, financial, social, emotional, physical and mental health within the COLLABOCRATIC PHYgital realm.

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Through inspiring life stories, we uncover top experiences, services, products, courses and events worldwide, nurturing well-being and fostering global connections

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Here, entrepreneurs, investors and consumers of goodwill come together, driven by genuine endorsements and a shared desire to create a healthy commerce, full of opportunities for all.


Pauli Soisalo International Trade Consultant

Freedom eE is the place to maximize an entrepreneur's time and wallet in the era of Industry 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence.


Thalita Batistel Ceo of COLLABOCRATIC Digital Marketing Agency

Amidst rapid advancements in Artificial Intelligence, the COLLABOCRATIC Economy of Freedom eE, through its Wellness Guide, offers the ultimate path for marketing agencies and digital sales professionals looking to thrive in the digital age.


Mercy Gilbert Entrepreneur and Advocate for Business between Africa and the UK

Smart entrepreneurs leverage their purchasing power to take bigger strides.

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Alongside opinion makers and professionals, we are shaping a future where success transcends profits, creating meaningful impact across companies, families, communities and borders.

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23 Nov 2023 by Francesca Giobbi International Networker...

Marc Jarrett is an international networker renowned for his ability to connect entrepreneurs around the globe and facilitate business partnerships. With a focus on COLLABOCRATIC networking, marketing,...

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23 Nov 2023 by Francesca Giobbi Meet WORLD IMPACTEURS w...

Title: Traveling the World to Connect with World Impacteurs: A Journey with Marc Jarrett and Other VisionariesAre you ready to embark on an extraordinary journey that will take you across continents t...

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22 Nov 2023 by Alex Nascimento Wanderlust Chronicles:...

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, qui assum oblique praesent te. Quo ei erant essent scaevola, est ut clita dolorem, ei est mazim fuisset scribentur. Mel ut decore salutandi intellegam. Labitur epicurei vis...

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